Safeguarding at Training Events

The Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers is committed to working in accordance with the national legal and procedural framework for safeguarding children and adults who may be vulnerable, and Church of England policy and practice.

The care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults involved in Ringing activities across the Surrey Association is the responsibility of all participants.

The Association's safegaurding policy and guidance may be found here. Note, however, that for Training Events we use a dedicated consent form as detailed below.

A Training Safeguarding form

  • must be completed by the parent or gaurdian of any participant in a training event who is under the age of 18 at the time of the training. The form must be completed for each training event, to ensure the information is up to date.

  • may be completed by any participant, or on their behalf, if there are any special circumstances regarding the participant that the trainer should be aware of.

All information provided on the training safeguarding form is held in strict confidence. It is shared only with the Training Committee organizing the event, and with the Lead Trainer of the event. It is deleted one month after the event is completed.

If you have any questions regarding how your data is used for this purpose, please contact the Training Officer.

If you are unable to use the online form for some reason, please click here to download a paper form

It is very important that we provide young people with the best standard of care, at all times. In this respect our child protection policy states that (except if unavoidable in an emergency):

(i) No person under 18 years of age will be left in charge of children or young people of any age.

(ii) No child or young person will be left unattended at any time.

(iii) There will always be two or more responsible adults present with any child or young person

but we cannot guarantee that these adults will be of opposite gender from the child, nor that they are independent of one another, (e.g. they may be husband & wife).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that no personal accident insurance cover is held by the Surrey Association for those attending training events. If the potential occurrence of accidents is a cause for concern, participants should arrange their own personal accident insurance.

Whilst every effort is made, at all times, to promote good practice regarding Health and Safety in towers, there are risks involved in bell ringing. We encourage all parents & guardians to find out what is involved in bell ringing by going along with your child to their Tower on a practice night.

NOTE: You should be aware that to act with sufficient speed in an emergency or when learning to control a bell it may be necessary for the instructor to raise their voice, or make physical contact (e.g. by taking hold of the learner’s hands to help take control of the bell rope). This can be demonstrated to you during your visit to a practice.